How many digits does the Valid Credit Card Number have?

First of all, all potential cardholders should know, that the different types of credit cards have different number of digits in their numbers.

Below is the full list of credit card issuers and the respective length of their credit card numbers:

Visa and Visa Electron Credit Cards

These credit cards have 13 or 16 digits in their number.

Mastercard and Discover Credit Cards

Both of the above cards have 16 digits.

American Express Credit Cards

AmEx cards have 15 digits in their number.

Diner’s Club:

You will find exactly 14 digits in the Diner’s Club Credit Card number.


12 to 19 (multi-national Debit Card)


16 to 19 (Ireland Debit Card)


16, 18 or 19 (United Kingdom Debit Card)


16, 18 or 19 (United Kingdom Debit Card)


15 or 16 digits

China UnionPay:

16 digits