Use your credit card number wisely

Now that we are all acquainted with what a credit card is, there are some serious issues with the proper and safe use of the credit cards. Read carefully below and remember.

Risks or Security Threats associated with Credit Cards

The credit card number is a high source of information to the cyber criminals. Nowadays, a little knowledge about hacking and online operations of sites can enable people gain extremely confidential information about valid credit card numbers of thousands of credit card holders. The information acquired by them, can prove disastrous to the credit card holders.

They might receive bills for items they have not spent on, which might be alarming to its rightful owners. It is observed that the in such cases, it is extremely difficult to trace back the money lost in such thefts. In extremely rare cases, security agencies catch hold of the criminals. The amount of money stolen by these hackers, are pretty hefty and may hit the credit card holder adversely.

Remedies to Threats and Security Risk

The basic remedy for such incidents lies with information and awareness. It is a threat, to even the banking institution or similar institutions, who have issued the credit card. Their reputation is on stake in such situations. Thus, credit card offering companies should provide detailed information to their customers by informing them all the benefits and threats attached to it, as incomplete information is always dangerous.

They should not be sales oriented. Fair and detailed information should be provided to them. High-tech clearance system should be installed, to scrutinize each and every transaction to prevent mal-practices and secure the interest of their customers.

The credit card users should not disclose any confidential information related to the credit card like the credit card number, pin, bank details, etc. They should keep the information to extremely restricted number of people.

They should swipe their credit cards only in authorized outlets. The un-authorized outlets can manipulate the confidential information of card holders for benefits. They should not allow other people to use their credit cards.


Every item comes with the negatives and positives attached to it. The credit card is certainly a valuable instrument which saves time, effort and is quite convenient to use. Taking certain precautionary steps like the above can help in completely nullifying the security threats.